Cathedral of Limburg on the Lahn

Limburg an der Lahn (not the cheese city) is a short train ride north of Frankfurt. The Cathedral stands on a cliff above the medieval city center. Founded on a romanesque plan in 1180-1190, during the construction process, it gradually incorporated Gothic elements as that style spread into Germany over the next few decades.

The square piers and round arches of the lower nave are late romanesque. The fluted columns, vaulted ceiling and pointed arches of the clerestory are gothic additions.

The height of the crossing, and relatively large windows bring bright light into the interior.

This church is relatively unscathed by the centuries that have passed since its construction. Many of the artifacts including the stone baptismal font below and paintings date to the earliest days of the 13th century.

Many of the original wall paintings were “restored” in the 19th century but the result looks a bit modern to me.

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