Not Carved in Stone

A Black Forest Mystery

Just Released

BookCover6x9_Cream_cover 300.jpg

Available in paperback and Kindle format Click here for Amazon page

Outside of Nth America and Europe, the paperback is available from Book Depository

A Dream, A Storm, A Death

Trouble descends on the quiet medieval village of Bethanien. Deep in the Black Forest the new abbey church collapses during construction and two men die. Sister Boniface, the abbess, calls in outside help when flaws in design and workmanship become evident. Suspicions arise about one of the deaths, was it natural or was it murder? Sister Boniface struggles to sort out fact from speculation. She  finds herself at odds with Father Karl over how to proceed. Others see the situation from different angles. Questions abound, but answers are hard to come by.

The Village

Landis Blair drew these wonderful maps for the book.

Region copy

Village copy

Fleming Island Book Club

Enjoyed a lively discussion 6 May 2017 at the Clay County, FL Headquarters library with the Book Club.


2 thoughts on “Not Carved in Stone

  1. Congratulations on the publication of your book. We just received your Christmas card with the announcement of your book and were so excited for you. We loved your Christmas card and the photos on it as well. We still have the first photo Barbara gave us when she was at Centreville Baptist and keep every photo and card we have received since. Those photos inspired my daughters photography and your travels inspired her to take professional photography classes, do study abroad and document her travels. She has not gotten to Australia yet but hopes to do a semester there next year. She also loves to write and has had some of her photos, articles and exerpts of stories published. I haven’t read the book yet but I will be getting a copy and am really looking forward to reading it! Will you and Barbara be coming this way anytime soon?


  2. How exciting that you are published! Congratulations. We miss our over the fence neighbors and the comforting sightings of your evening neighborhood walks. As always, I enjoyed the photos on your Christmas card and so very greatful to have Facebook available to at least virtually stay connected. I so rarely have time to read and if I do I fall asleep before finishing a page. That said, the day will come when that is no longer the case so I will order the book for future reading. I wish you both a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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