Edenton, North Carolina

Edenton, North Carolina

Edenton is a small town on the inner shore of Albemarle Sound that was the first capitol of the North Carolina colony. There are a several colonial era homes as well as numerous victorian homes. The main street remains unspoiled by modern chain stores and restaurants, though some of these can be found on the outskirts of town.


Walking around on our own, we found lovely old homes. Many have signs indicating construction dates on hundred to 250 years ago.

Once a bustling port, when the main channel to Albemarle Sound through the sandy islands was closed by a storm, the shipping business dried up and the shoreline has been converted to parkland.

We took a two hour walking tour hosted by a local guide who took us inside a number of the oldest sites and provided great stories about some of the early citizens.

As the photos show, we had a some clouds and rain during our visit, but one evening the clouds broke up enough for a nice sunset.

Edenton NC 130818_106 hds600

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